2014 Wrap Up & 2015 Goals

It’s high time to look back at the past year, and also to plan a little ahead. You can watch the video, or just read the recap below.

2014 Wrap Up

This year I completely surpassed my 50 book reading challenge by reading a 104 books (26 512 pages)! This is the first time I’ve ever read over a 100 books in a year, and I read about 3 000 pages more than I’ve ever read in year.

Out of the 104 books:

  • 56 were books, 44 graphic novels, and 4 short stories
  • 67 (!) were written by men, 29 by women, and 8 by male/female teams.
  • 13 things (books, GNs) received 5 stars.

I read a lot of graphic novels, and A LOT of those were written by men. Usually my author gender divide pretty naturally settles to 50%-50%, so this year was a real surprise for me. This is something I need to pay attention to if I continue reading a lot of graphic novels and comic trade paperbacks.

I read 6,5 books from my 2014 High Fantasy reading challenge list (I finished the second half of The Lies of Locke Lamora this year). Btw, one of those books turned out not to actually be high fantasy – who would’ve thought? Outside of the challenge I also read one other high fantasy book (The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss) and 3 high fantasy short stories.

2015 goals

  • Talk more about books that I’ve actually read, so more reviews and wrap ups, less TBRs and hauls.
  • Read & review the books on my 2015 SFF Reading Challenge
  • Read 5 before I buy: I need to read 5 books from my physical TBR shelf before I can buy 1 book
  • Reach my Goodreads challenge goal of 60 books.

Have a great reading year 2015, everyone!


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