TBR: October 2014

In October I’m taking part in #SpookyBRB and #AYearAthon. The first challenge is the month-long October Spooky Reads Challenge over at the Booktube Reading Buddies group at Goodreads, and the second is the week-long King/Horror challenge over at the AYearAThon group at GoodReads.

I’m also doing a buddy read of Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler with Nicole from Nicole’s Adventures in SFF over at Youtube.

I don’t usually do TBR’s, but what with the challenges and buddy reads this month, there was a good reason to make one. Do you usually plan your reading ahead for the month?


2 thoughts on “TBR: October 2014

  1. I usually plan, but I have so many bloody first priority books on the TBR that I never really stick to it, lol. Too chaotic.

    • I don’t usually like to plan, because then I feel like I have to stick to it, and it takes the fun out. I do plan for different read-a-thons and special occasions like that, though. I guess it works if you don’t feel too much pressure of sticking to it!

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