My Most Owned Authors

Today we are going to look at my bookshelf and Kindle, count some books, and determine which author reigns supreme over my shelf space! (There ended up being only two Kindle books on this list, though, so it is a pretty solid representation of my physical shelves!)

I didn’t count manga series, although I do own three long ones; Hellsing with 10 volumes, Death Note with 13, and Fruits Basket taking the cake with 23 volumes. A bit of an arbitrary choice, I know, since I did count other comics and graphic novels. I just thought the list would be perhaps unduly ruled by manga authors if I added them in.

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Maija’s Top 10 authors according to the number of books owned

Courtney Crumrin

1. Ted Naifeh (23)
This came as no surprise to me! Ted Naifeh is my favorite comic artist. In addition to his own stuff, he has also illustrated comics and books written by other people. That, along with the fact that I own multiple editions of some books, explains his number one spot well.

  • The Courtney Crumrin series in color hardback format (4 – with still two left to buy)
  • The Courtney Crumrin series in b&w paperbacks (4)
  • Courtney Crumrin Tales (2)
  • Polly and the Pirates vol.1, plus two colored French issues in hardback (3)
  • Broom with a View (with Gayla Twist)
  • The Death Jr. series ~ written by Gary Whitta (2)
  • The Good Neighbors trilogy ~ written by Holly Black (3)
  • Gloomcookie vol. 1 ~ written by Serena Valentino
  • How Loathsome ~ written by Tristan Crane
  • Unearthly ~ written by Naifeh, art by Elmer Damaso
  • Illustrated short story collection, Alabaster ~ written by Caitlín R. Kiernan

2. Jim Butcher (21)

  • The Dresden Files series (13)
  • The Codex Alera series – haven’t read these yet! (6)
  • Side Jobs, the Dresden Files short story collection
  • The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle graphic novel

3. Neil Gaiman (17)

  • The Absolute Sandman hardcovers (4)
  • Signed paperback of The Sandman: Season of Mists
  • Signed hardback of Sandman: The Dream Hunters
  • Signed illustrated paperback of Stardust
  • Neverwhere
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett)
  • American Gods
  • Anansi Boys
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
  • The Wolves in the Walls
  • Coraline
  • Odd and the Frost Giants

4. C.S. Lewis (10)

  • The Chronicles of Narnia paperback boxset (7)
  • Some Narnia books in old Finnish hardcover editions (3)

5. Holly Black (7)

  • The Curse Workers trilogy (3)
  • The Good Neighbors graphic novel trilogy ~ art by Ted Naifeh (3)
  • Doll Bones

And the lower positions are pretty much tied:

6. Bryan Lee O’Malley (7)
7. Caitlín R. Kiernan (7)
8. J.K. Rowling (7)
9. Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (7)
10. Gail Carriger (6) and George R.R. Martin (6)

Who is your most owned author? Tell me below, or leave a link to your post!


12 thoughts on “My Most Owned Authors

    • Yes, I was surprised myself! It doesn’t look like that much on the shelf, since a lot of the children’s books are so thin, and the Absolute Sandman volumes are on a different shelf!

  1. I didn’t think about Gaiman or Carriger. I don’t have nearly as much Neil Gaiman as you do (you have a lot!!!), but I probably have more of his than at least one of the authors on my list. I finally got the first Courtney Crumrin book, but still need to read it.

    • I’m still missing Graveyard Book, though – even though I liked it better than some of his other stuff that I do own!

      The first Courtney Crumrin isn’t as good as the rest, since it’s short stories, and the rest have a longer plot per book. The second and the fourth are definitely my favorites! But you can get a sense of the characters from the first volume: Uncle Aloysius is pretty cool in it, already (he only gets cooler), and Courtney is a loveable pessimistic loner. I hope you like it!

  2. I love Gaiman but don’t own all of his books! I’ve been reading the Sandman but they’re from the library – I will own them eventually.
    Plus Holly Black – I have a few of her fey and did read the first two of the curseworkers and enjoyed them.
    Lynn :D

    • I’ve read Black’s fey stuff, too, as well as some of her short fiction, but I don’t own them. White Cat is one of my favorites from her, definitely.

  3. +JMJ+

    We have C.S. Lewis in common, but that’s it.

    Until I read your post, I hadn’t really thought about collecting an artist’s books. I couldn’t even name my favourite illustrator! I woman I know will buy anything illustrated by Maurice Sendak, but for me, the words always came first.

    • I love to draw myself, and am a graphic designer, so I’m very drawn to images as well as words! I love book illustrations, graphic novels, and traditionally animated movies a lot.

  4. It’s kind of amazing to go back and see just how many books some of these authors have written. And despair of ever catching up with Neil Gaiman’s works. I wonder if Stephen King fans who do this Top Ten Tuesday will have 50 or so books listed…

    • I think if I had had any more books by one author I wouldn’t have even bothered listing them all, haha! I’ve owned other graphic novels by Gaiman in the past, but I got rid of some of them when I moved.

    • Yep, Neil Gaiman is a good contender. He has so much stuff out since he writes both books and graphic novels! And can’t forget the children’s books, either.

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