WordPress dropping the blogs I follow?

Does anyone else have this problem? You’re wondering why some blog hasn’t posted in ages, only to realize it has disappeared from the blogs you follow? This has happened to me three times now – on the first and second occasion, WordPress had only dropped one single blog out of my list, but this third time all but two blogs have disappeared! This is annoying, since sometimes I don’t remember what the names of the blogs were, and so I can’t search for them properly. Could this have anything to do with using WordPress via mobile? Is there some sort of easy unfollow button that one could press without even noticing it? It’s a mystery.

I have no idea what’s causing this, but I’m off now to try and find the blogs that I used to follow, and re-follow them! What a drag…


7 thoughts on “WordPress dropping the blogs I follow?

  1. I don’t think WP has ever unfollowed someone, but there have definitely been instances where posts haven’t shown up in my feed. It’s kind of annoying, because I try to keep up to date with the blogs I follow. And then all of a sudden there are heaps of posts that I simply haven’t seen.
    Good luck with finding your blogs again!

    • The first time only you had disappeared from my list. That’s why I re-followed you a couple of months ago. Then it was another blogger. Then it was a whole load of them, and that is why I again re-followed you a couple of days ago, in case you noticed and were wondering about it…

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