Current Reads: Graphic Novels

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I haven’t felt like getting invested in a longer story, so I decided to catch up on some graphic novels, which might have many volumes but do take a shorter time to read. Some I already own, and some I picked up from the library.

I just finished

Locke & Key
Locke & Key vol. 2-5, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

This horror series follows the Locke family children who move into Key house after their father is murdered, and discover the mysterious keys of the house. I re-read volume 2 to bring my memory up to speed – I think I should’ve also read vol. 1 while I was at it, but all the copies were on loan from the library. Then I read through volumes 3-5. I was surprised that I was so into these! I couldn’t believe it – when I had first read the first and second volumes, I’d found the story interesting, but not compelling. Perhaps it’s because the story really picked up steam in these three volumes. I can’t wait for the sixth and final volume to come out!

Next up

November comics
I might choose any of these graphic novels next.

  • Kouta Hirano’s horror/action vampire manga Hellsing – re-read volumes 1-9, and then finally finish the series with volume 10.
  • Brian K. Vaughan’s run of the group of superpowered teenager Runaways – I have read one volume from the middle of the story a long time ago.
  • I borrowed the first three volumes of Mike Carey’s The Unwritten from the library. This is a completely new fantasy series for me.
  • And last but not least, I borrowed volume 3 of Kaoru Mori’s historical A Bride’s Story from the library.

Last week I posted

Halloween Read recommendations


2 thoughts on “Current Reads: Graphic Novels

  1. Such great choices! I really love Locke & Key, and can’t wait for #6 to come out next year! I also have the 1st couple of books in the Runaways and the Unwritten series on my shelf — I’m really looking forward to both, especially since it’s been a while since I’ve started a new graphic novel series. If you like Brian K. Vaughan, have you read Y: The Last Man? So amazing! Great choices. :)

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