Top 6 Things that Make My Life As A Reader Easier

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1. The GoodReads websitelink
Before I joined GoodReads, I wrote down everything I read into notebooks – just a title next to the date I finished. I have a lot of old notebooks like those in my closet. Then I found GoodReads, and I love not only keeping tabs on what I read, but also reading reviews and finding out about new books. Whenever I find an interesting looking book online, I go to GoodReads and check what it is about, as well as if any of my friends have read it and what they thought.

2. The GoodReads appiTunes link
I have to do a separate entry about the GoodReads mobile app. I just recently realized that I can use it to scan books at bookstores and add them to my To Read list easily. So if I’m browsing in a bookstore and find an interesting looking book that I don’t know a lot about, I just scan the barcode and add it to my books – that takes care of having to remember the title and author!

3. Project Gutenberg (& my e-reader)link
After I bought my Kindle, I’ve been reading a lot of classics, thanks to the Project Gutenberg free ebook database! Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books, so it’s a great place to find classics.

4. My library’s home page, Helmet link
Helmet (from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) is a great internet site, where I can login and see all my loans, as well as browse books and reserve them. One can also make memos there, so I have lists for example for “YA fantasy books” and “Adult fantasy books”. Once I’ve added them to the list, it’s easier to find them again and reserve them with just one click. The libraries also have a mobile phone app – it still needs some work, but has the potential to become really useful in the future.

5. Interlibrary loan & The fantasy team of Espoo library link
The Espoo city library has an expert team of fantasy fans who are in charge of ordering the fantasy books for the library. Thanks to them and the metropolitan area interlibrary loan, I can find most of the newest, buzzed about English-language fantasy books from my library not long after they come out. They also take suggestions for books to order, which helps me not having to buy everything.

6. Akateeminen Kirjakauppa / The Academic Bookstorelink
The downtown Helsinki flagship store of the Finnish 120-year-old Academic Bookstore chain consists of four floors, and has a really well-maintained section of fantasy & science fiction books. I waste a lot of time here… I don’t know if this makes my life as a reader easier, but at least it makes it easier for me to get rid of my moneys. But they have a stamp card – after I’ve bought seven paperbacks, I get the eighth one for free! So it only makes sense to buy a lot of books, right? …right?!


This post is linked at “Top Ten Tuesday”, a weekly book list meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.


4 thoughts on “Top 6 Things that Make My Life As A Reader Easier

    • Yes, I tried to keep them up while also on GoodReads, but it never just seemed to work out… I’d end up having to add dozens of books at a time, and soon stopped altogether.

  1. I have the Goodreads app, but I never realized I could scan barcodes to add to my “to read” list! Thanks for the tip! And yet another reason to love Goodreads. :)

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