Mansfield Park Read-A-Long

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Mansfield Park Read Along | Austen in August Event | The Book

You guys may know that in addition to fantasy, I love my classics. So I am taking part in the Mansfield Park Read Along that is being hosted by Misty from The Book Rat. It is part of her two-week event, Austen in August, filled with all sorts of Jane Austen-y goodness.

Mansfield Park is the only one of Austen’s novels that I haven’t read yet. It tells the story of Fanny Price, who is being brought up with her rich cousins in the titular house. I’m a bit hesitant about the book, since I’ve heard that a lot of people consider it to be their least favourite Austen novel, in addition to it being one of Austen’s longest books. I have only just getting started with the reading, so I really should get a move on so that I can finish it during the two week event! I am reading the free Project Gutenberg edition on my Kindle.


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