May Wrap-Up (2013)

I realized I had forgotten to publish my May wrap-up post and just left it hanging in my drafts. So here it is, very late!

May was a very bad reading month for me – I really didn’t know what I wanted to read (I’m still a bit in the same rut). The books I did read didn’t really manage to capture me and/or were not quite in my alley (non SF&F). I also didn’t read a high fantasy book this month – my unofficial challenge – but I did read a classic, and ended up really loving it, although it was hard going in the beginning.

I use the following light grading system based on the GoodReads one:
1 out of 5 – I didn’t like it: badly written or just got on my nerves
2 out of 5 – It was okay: other people might enjoy it more
3 out of 5 – I liked it: a fun/enjoyable read
4 out of 5 – I really liked it: good characters & plot, maybe some theme that spoke to me
5 out of 5 – It was amazing: I consider it a favorite and will probably re-read at some point

Classic Read of the Month

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

(or Notre-Dame de Paris)
by Victor Hugo
First published in 1831
From my Kindle (Project Gutenberg free edition)

Despite the slow start, I ended up really loving the book! The characters were intriguing and at times the book was very exciting!

I’ve already written more about my thoughts on this book here. I give it 4/5 stars for a great plot and characters, but a lack of focus on the main narrative from the author’s part.

Adult Fantasy & Scifi Books

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Veronica Britton
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
(Hitchhiker’s Guide #1)
by Douglas Adams
First published in 1979
Library copy

I was craving a re-read of this series by Douglas Adams, so I picked up the first book from the library. I actually own a copy of the English omnibus edition of all the novels, but I found out that in this rare case I wanted to read the books in Finnish. It has a lot to do with hearing the radio broadcast of this book in Finnish when I was a kid – because of it, the Finnish phrases have been so engraved in my head that the English just sounds wrong to me.

Hitchhiker’s Guide is a really funny book and I enjoyed it as much as ever. My favorite character is Zaphod Beeblebrox, he’s just so wonderfully full of himself! I’ll be moving on to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe next. 5/5

Veronica Britton – Chronic Detective
by N. P. Boyce
First published in 2012
From my bookshelf

This time travel novel had a lot of great ideas, but the execution was flawed. There were a few spots in the beginning where it wasn’t completely clear if the characters had passed through a time portal or not, and in which year they were. At the start of some chapters there were times when I didn’t know which character I was following – it wasn’t even intentionally vague to preserve some sort of mystery, there would be some paragraphs referring to people as only “they” or “she” before telling us the names of the characters in question.

I did like the format of the book – it had four parts that could work as short stories (apart from the last one), but there was an overarching plot going on in the background. Sort of a like a TV series, one could say. My favorite was Part Three: The Dead Letter, where the time travel events were very well done. The ending was very grand, but pretty rushed and a bit vague, and could have done with a bit more length and explanation. 2/5

Non-Fantasy Books

Wonder Boys Attachments
Wonder Boys
by Michael Chabon
First published in 1995
From my bookshelf

I have written about my thoughts on this book in the lower part of this post. 2/5

By Rainbow Rowell
First published in 2011
Library book

A lot of people were reading Rainbow Rowell, so I gave this book a try. It was a quick read and a nice funk breaker; I finished it within a day. I was surprised that the main character in this romance was a actually the guy! The female characters were only present in their emails for most of the book. I wasn’t that happy with the ending, I just didn’t like how it played out, but I had fun on the way. I want to try Rowell’s other books, since they sound like something that I would like more. I give Attachments 3/5

My favorite post of the month

Books with Gorgeous Covers
My Top 10 list of books that I’ve read with beautiful cover art.


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