Current Reads: Drudging On…

I am currently *still* reading

Wonder Boys Veronica Britton The Hunchback of Notre Dame

As you can tell from the headline, I’ve been having trouble with my reading. I haven’t been able to finish anything! The plot of Notre-Dame is finally starting to pick up, it seems (halfway through the book). Apart from that Kindle read, I’m trying to finish my paperback of Wonder Boys, and then move on to really get into Veronica Britton – Chronic Detective. I was supposed to tell you something new about Veronica Britton this week, but since I haven’t been able to really get to it from my other reads, it’ll have to wait. For some reason my reading speed has seriously dropped and I can’t seem to properly get into these books I’m in the middle of!

If you have any suggestions for an effortless and quick read, please recommend it to me! I need something quick & fun after finishing these books!

Last week I posted

Top 10 Light & Fun Fantasy Reads

My April Wrap-Up


This post is linked at “It’s Monday, what are you reading?”, a weekly meme that tells us what the blogosphere is currently reading. It is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.


4 thoughts on “Current Reads: Drudging On…

  1. You sound like me earlier this year, I am just starting to finally get my reading groove back. Do you enjoy verse novels? A quick one is Lisa Schroeder, I heart you, You haunt me. I need to look around your blog to get a feel for your style also.

    • I haven’t actually read any verse novels! I checked out Lisa Schroeder, but my library doesn’t carry her, and the Kindle edition was too expensive to just try out a new thing. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

      I tend to gravitate towards fantasy (especially a modern day setting with magic) & adventure.

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