Current Reads: Wonder Boys

I am currently reading

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Wonder Boys
By: Michael Chabon
From: My bookshelf

Grady Tripp is a pot-bellied, pot-smoking, over-sexed, aging novelist, struggling to finish the long-awaited follow-up to his award-winning novel. But a visit from his rumbustious, bizarre editor, Terry Crabtree, initiates a chaotic weekend, an odyssey, on which they are joined by Grady’s brilliant student, his pregnant mistress and a beautiful student lodger.

So you can see that this week’s read isn’t a fantasy book… I couldn’t decide what to read, so I picked up unread books from my shelves and read the first sentence of each book in order to decide what I wanted – and I just kept on reading Wonder Boys. I’ve seen the Wonder Boys movie, and the book has been sitting on my shelf for a year, so it’s high time I read it. I’m only a little over 50 pages in, but so far the book is immensely readable!

Last week I read

Last week I only read Finnish books! I mostly read in English, since so much fantasy is never translated, and I like reading books in their original language, so last week was highly unusual.

Toisaalla by Salla Simukka
Second and final part in a Finnish YA dystopian sf series. The first book, Jäljellä, was about a teenage girl in a world where almost all the people had disappeared. This second book reveals the secrets of the first one.

Mustasuon mysteeri by Kati Närhi
A Finnish darkly fun graphic novel about an orphan girl called Agnes, this time solving mysteries in a boarding school. This was also second in a series.


This post is linked at “It’s Monday, what are you reading?”, a weekly meme that tells us what the blogosphere is currently reading. It is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.


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