Fan Art Friday: Vampires

I am an illustrator and graphic designer and love to see other people’s illustrations of my favourite characters. Fan art Friday is a new semi-regular feature where I highlight book inspired fan art from the web.

In this first episode of Fan Art Friday, I will feature my top 3 favourite vampire characters along with a piece of fan art. Please visit the artists (by clicking on the image or the link provided) to support them and see the full image!

1. Lestat de Lioncourt

Lestat by Diablera

”He came in from the courtyard, opening the French doors without a sound, a tall fair-skinned man with a mass of blond hair and a graceful, almost feline quality to his movements.”

Art: Lestat by ~Diablera on deviantART

Lestat, my first ever favourite vampire! He is loud, ruthless and full of himself, a wonderful counterpart to the more quiet and subdued Louis. I think Diablera’s illustration manages to capture Lestat’s aura of power.

Lestat is from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
First appearance in Interview with the Vampire, 1976

2. Lord Akeldama

Lord Akeldama by Eeza

”Outrageous was a very good way of describing Lord Akeldama. Alexia was not afraid of outrageousness any more than she was afraid of vampires, which was good because Lord Akeldama was both.”

Art: Lord Akeldama by ~eeza on deviantART

In addition to being impeccably dressed and overly familiar with people, Lord Akeldama is dangerously sharp and knows everything that goes on in his city. I love every moment he appears on the page! In her illustration, Eeza successfully portrays Lord Akeldama’s colorful fashion sense.

Lord Akeldama is from the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger
First appearance in Soulless, 2009

3. Thomas Raith
Thomas Raith by Kreugan

”There was a moment’s pause, and then a man glided out of the limo. He was tall, pale as a statue. Sable hair fell in tousled curls to his shoulders. […] The man smiled, bright enough for a toothpaste commercial.”

Art: thomas by ~kreugan on deviantART

Thomas is a White Court vampire, which means he feeds on human emotions, and from House Raith, which means he feeds primarily on lust. Thomas goes through a lot during the book series, but I always finds him fascinating whether he is self-assured or full of self-doubt. Kreugan captures Thomas’s classic good looks very well.

Thomas is from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
First appearance in Grave Peril, 2001


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