Summer Wrap Up Read-A-Thon

I decided to take part in the Summer Wrap Up Read-A-Thon hosted by In Between and Some Like It Paranormal. I needed a bit of a boost to get back to reading and finish some of the stuff I have borrowed from the library. This isn’t actually “end of the holiday reading” for me, since my summer holidays are over and I started work this week. I still decided to join and see what I could finish reading in a week.

Books I hope to finish

Salem's Lot Forsaken North End - Niskaan putoava taivas
Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – horror/adult
Forsaken by Jana Oliver – modern fantasy/YA
North End – Niskaan putoava taivas by Laura Lähteenmäki – dystopian fantasy/YA/Finnish

Books I hope to start reading

B.P.R.D: Plague of Frogs 1 by Mike Mignola et al. – adventure, horror or modern fantasy, I guess/adult graphic novel

Go ahead and join!


2 thoughts on “Summer Wrap Up Read-A-Thon

    • Yes, it sounds like it could be a great series. I have to admit I like the U.S. titles of the books more (Demon Trapper’s Daughter, Soul Thief) more than these U.K. Titles (Forsaken, Forbidden). I wonder why the names are different – the last one seems to be Forgiven everywhere, though….

      Thanks for the welcome, I’m glad to take part!

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