As you can tell from the title, my name is Maija and I read. I’m from Finland and I work as a graphic designer and illustrator. I think reading and drawing are the best ways to spend one’s time.

I’ve been reading mostly fantasy books ever since I discovered the Dragonlance Chronicles and the Belgariad series when I was in 6th grade (I was totally in love with Raistlin – or still am). Although I wasn’t a stranger to fantasy even before that, since my mother had read the Narnia books to me and my sister when we were little.

At first I read mostly epic fantasy, then focused more on modern fantasy (by that I mean that the setting is modern day, like Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere). Lately I’ve also been reading Young Adult books, since I noticed that there are lots of fantasy titles in YA nowadays. Check out the About page for some of my favorite books.

I discovered book blogs and vlogs only earlier this year, and was quickly sucked into following many of them. My favorites are linked in the sidebar. I’m planning to use my blog to show what books I’m currently reading, what books I’ve bought, as well as to keep track of my Sci-Fi Challenge for this year (7 science fiction books in the year 2012, check out the Challenges page).

Let’s get started!


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